Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This was my first day on skis in about 15 years! Luckily we both did okay on Bonanza!

Jacob thinks it's funny to fall over!

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Christmas in Proctor

Jacob had lots of fun until he became spooked by the fire.

But once it started to go out and he got to eat, things were good again!

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Day 1

Christmas day was Jacob's first day on skis this year. He did an amazing job and had a blast. It was a big change over last year and he was standing up on his own most of the time (rather than Ted holding him).

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Christmas morning

Santa came! Notice how it is still dark outside... we were all up at 5:30!

He brought a scooter and a helmet!

And a chicken and M&M's, of course!

The best present is aways just a good old box full of paper... that you can take out and put back in over and over!

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Christmas Eve in Shrewsbury

Money from Papa!

A remote control dump truck from Grammie!

And a GUN from Uncle Jonny?!? Thanks a lot Uncle Jonny!

It's so nice when cousins share! :-)
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catch up...

Jacob helped us finish the tree by putting the angel on top. Good thing Dada is strong!

Jacob likes to take pictures... maybe Santa will bring him his own camera!

Saturday we had breakfast with Santa at Rutland Town School.

At first Jacob would only stand next to Santa and talk with him. But before long he was cutting in line and sitting on his lap. Of course the candy cane helped break the ice!

As we were leaving Santa and the fireman walked out behind us. Jacob said, "Bye, Santa. Bye, fireman. Take the firetruck back to the North Pole." We all laughed!

One of his favorite things to do... help Papa!

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