Thursday, March 24, 2011

New accomplishments...

Two new accomplishments became apparent yesterday.  They may seem minor, but were a big deal to me! 

First, Jacob loves all types of vehicles and names many of them.  He's been calling a bus a "buh" for quite some time, very typical for his age.  So of course we've been practicing /s/, along with other sounds, and I always stress it on the end of bus.  Yesterday he started saying it with the /s/ on the end!  YEAH!

Second, he's been trying for a couple of days to get up from his knees on the floor by stepping onto one foot only, without using his hands to push himself up or to balance.  This takes some strength, since he weighs 32 pounds, and balance.  Last night he did it and was so proud of himself.  He kept practicing over and over.  So cute!

Obviously it doesn't take much to impress his extremely proud parents!  LOL

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What next?

Less than 24 hours after Jacob's well child visit to Dr. Wood he came down with a fever of about 102 degrees!  That lasted three days and didn't seem to be more than a fever, until it was gone and then he broke out in a rash.  It was on his chest (front and back), neck, head, and face.  I called the doctor's office again (4th time!) and they think it's a virus called Roseola.  Basically it's a common childhood virus with a fever for a few days followed by a virus for a few days to weeks.  Of course it has to run it's course and luckily is not contagious after the fever stage.  Luckily he hasn't been to crabby through any of it until yesterday.  And I think the problem yesterday was that he got up too early and was very tired.  Nothing made him happy last night for more than a minute and I finally put him to bed at 7pm!  He was asleep instantly and hasn't made a peep in 11 hours.  I hope he's okay.  I finally got some sleep last night, too.  I have not been sleeping well at all for about a week and it's really taking a toll.  I'm just exhausted and crabby, too!  And the weather sure hasn't helped... what I wouldn't do for some REAL spring!

Sending out more prayers to our friends and all the people in Japan.  Hope you are safe and that we see you this summer!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 Year Well Child Visit

Jacob saw his friend Dr. Wood yesterday for his two year old well "toddler" check up.  Once again we learned that he is perfect and according to Dr. Wood, "ROBUST!"  LOL!  He weighed 32.6 pounds and was at the 92nd percentile.  He was 35 inches tall and at the 68th percentile.  Looks like he's going to be tall like his Dada and robust like his Mama.  :-)  I like the word robust- he's healthy!  He had a lead level test which meant a finger stick.  He didn't even flinch, just wanted to watch the blood drip from his finger!  He also had to get his second hepatitis A shot, which made him cry for a bit.  Later that night I was changing his clothes and he pointed to the spot on his leg and said, "boo boo," and started to cry again.  :-(  Poor boy.

I just got home from a long 11 hour day at school (parent teacher conferences).  Ted and Jacob are out to dinner at Sushi Yoshi and I am enjoying a glass of wine in the quiet!

To our friends in Japan... you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.  We are so sad for all that is happening in your country.  We wish we could help. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Water Park Fun!

We took Jacob to the Lake George water park yesterday for his birthday.  We all had a great time!  Jacob played at Tip-a-Kanu Beach, really enjoying the water slides.  He also floated down the Take-it-Easy River sitting in a tube with us.  Now he's napping soundly!


Sawing Dada's toes...
and Pili's head!

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The birthday celebration continues... more presents!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy 2nd birthday my dear, sweet baby Jacob!  I cannot believe you are two!  You amaze us daily with all that you can do.  All we have to do is show you something once and you can do it.  Let's see... what are you up to now... You like to walk up and down the stairs standing up like a big boy holding the railing and a finger to steady yourself.  You change your shoes frequently, from sneakers to flip flops to ski boots, and you can jump.  You follow lots of 2-step directions, like "Pick up the book and put it on the table."  You learn new words very quickly, try to repeat what you hear and ask, "What's that?" about everything!  You are a great eater, liking just about everything and doing very well with a fork and spoon.  At swimming you like to stand on the side and jump in to my arms and are starting to blow bubbles.  And you really love to walk around the shallow end and up and down the ramp, rinsing your feet in the tub of water before getting in and out each time!  At gymnastics you can jump on the trampoline, step over cones on the balance beam (holding onto a finger), and like to go through tunnels and do mountain rolls.  You really like to read books now, especially Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks from A to Z and Open the Barn Door.  Before nap and bedtime we even read longer books that are a real story!  I'm so glad you're developing a love of books.  Your favorite toys include your tools, cars, trucks, and garage, blocks, and slide.

Every day just gets more and more fun with Jacob.  I can't wait to see what is next to come.  We are so very blessed that he was sent to us!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two years ago today it was a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning as I was getting ready to go to my baby shower.  Birds were chirping, snow was melting, and I clearly remember not even needing a light weight jacket to go outside.  I had such a great time with all my family and friends, never expecting that Jacob would be arriving the next day!!  Today, I sit here watching it SNOW while we have yet another snow day from school.  I am not happy about more snow and will be even less happy come June when we get out of school so late.  I can't wait for spring!

Tomorrow Jacob turns 2!  Where has the time gone!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Party!

This morning we celebrated Jacob's 2nd birthday with a brunch.  We had an egg and sausage casserole, stuffed French toast, fruit, and coconut cupcakes.  He opened lots of presents... some new tools including a power saw, a firetruck with sirens and lights, a tractor that moves and makes noise, a table and chairs set, a play house, a new swimsuit, and a rocking chair that's being hand painted.  Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful gifts!  It was a great party, the only thing missing was Gram and Gramp Crippen... get well soon Old Grammie, Jacob misses you!

Jacob's got a couple more presents to open Tuesday on his actual birthday from Ted and I.  Here are some pictures from the party...

Friday, March 4, 2011

On the mend

We are all feeling better and slowly returning to a normal routine.  My Gram was also doing better yesterday and may go home today!  Looks like Jacob's 2nd Birthday Party is back on schedule for Sunday.  :-)  We are off to get Jacob a haircut and then to swimming this morning, followed by a visit with Gram if she is still in the hospital. 

Here are a few cute pictures from the last 2 weeks or so...

 In the snow tunnel and tree house/slide at the Pico Planet Kids fun park.

Restocking the fridge for Dada!

 Meeting a new friend, 4 month old Ryder.
"Hey, I think I remember having one of these pacifiers- let me see it!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well we are all officially sick... or have been.  Jacob got sick on Saturday evening, throwing up for the first time ever.  Poor little boy was so scared, saying, "WHAT'S THAT?!"  He was better Sunday but hasn't had much of an appetite.  Late last night I got really sick and this morning Ted came down with it!  We both have a bad stomach bug along with terrible body aches.  I haven't been this sick in a long time.  Thank God Jacob could go to Aunt Dawn's today- there is no way I could of taken care of him.  And thanks Uncle Jonny for bring him home!

My grandmother is also sick.  She went to the hospital by ambulance this morning with a high fever and pneumonia.  I'm glad she is getting the care she needs.  Please say a prayer for her.

One week until Jacob turn 2!  I hope everyone is feeling better or we may have to postpone his party from this Sunday to the next.  We are also planning to take him to the Lake George water park next Thursday and Friday.