Friday, January 27, 2012


I guess it's time to play "catch-up" with the blog again!  Boy have I been neglecting it!  I think it's because of Face Book and posting things there.  I will try harder.  I also need to start taking more pictures.  It seems like every time I reach for a camera, the battery is dead, even though I know I've charged it recently.

Since the weather was terrible again this morning (rain) we decided to take Jacob ice skating.  He's been asking to go every time we watch Ryan or Griffin play hockey.  He loved it!  It was a lot of work and I was sweating like crazy, but by the end he was doing a lot better.  At first he couldn't keep his feet under himself on the ice so I had to hold him up.  Finally I figured out how to lay him on the seat of a chair and let his feet dangle to push.  He liked that for a while (so did my back!) and then he sat in the chair while I pushed him.  Next he stood behind the chair and I helped hold him up.  All I could picture was him falling teeth first onto the top of the chair!  Thankfully he didn't!  Then he really started to figure it out and went around a few times holding hands.  So it was a success for the first time... and he was snoring a mile down the road!