Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Resting with Pili...
after a long day of cleaning (a new favorite activity!).

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Too tall

Well there is no question, Jacob has grown taller! He can now reach over the gate that is around my plant to get the seashells that cover the soil. I put them there years ago to keep Pili from digging in the plant. Now what?!?

Look at the mess!

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20 Months!

Jacob turned 20 months old on Monday! It doesn't seem possible! But then I look at how much he has grown and all the things he learned, it's truly amazing.
Such a helpful boy, placing Pili's bone in her mouth- or maybe removing it from her mouth!
On his way grocery shopping...
until a tip over happens!
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Friday, November 5, 2010

New skills...

Jacob can now reach the button to turn the TV on and off... and has done so hundreds of times today.  He also learned to open the dishwasher.  AND he is walking on flat feet a lot of the time!!  At swimming today he was walking up and down the ramp, tip toeing, and then just started doing it flat.  He's also added some new dance moves, the quick step (running in place) and running in circles.  Dancing with the Stars- watch out!!  LOL

It's here

Well I've patiently waited for 6+ weeks for a new car, and it came to an almost crashing halt (literally) on Thursday morning at 8am!  My car was delivered on a trailer from Boston by a two wheel drive truck.  The driver tried to back up our driveway but was unable to make it to the top.  He stopped on the hill to unload it only to have the WHOLE THING, truck, trailer, and my car on the trailer, slide down the driveway, jack knife, and go into the ditch!!  My new car was less than a foot from a huge rock!  Some how the driver and Ted were able to get it off the trailer, in the ditch, without a scratch or dent.  Then Ted had to tow the driver's truck and trailer out.  What a mess but it worked out in the end.  I love the car, even though I don't know how to use many of the features yet.
 That's my new car on the left, in the ditch, with the back up lights on.  Ted's car, in the middle, is about to tow the truck with the trailer because it's jack knifed.

My car emerges from the ditch!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy B-day!

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, DADA! We hope you have a great day!
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Boston and Cupcakes

We went to Boston Friday for the night while Grammie and Pops Manning stayed at our house with Jacob. It was our first night away from him, ever! We all did well- Ted and I had fun and Grammie and Pops even got some sleep! Ted decided to bring Jacob a Halloween cupcake from Mike's Pastry... and at 9:00pm Jacob was still running in circles in his bedroom. I think he was just happy to see his Mama! :-)

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