Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swim Lessons

Unfortunately the camera battery died after only a few pictures at the pool so we still don't have any pictures of all Jacob's tricks.  He now runs and jumps off the side and I catch him.  He goes underwater, with some help, and loves it.  And constantly dumps water on top of his head!  LOL

Happy Mother's Day!

 Out for a ride in my Jeep at Grammie and Papa's in Shrewsbury to celebrate Mother's Day.

All tired out!


 On Mother's Day morning Jacob helped Dada fix the slide.  It had broken during a wind storm and Jacob was very excited about getting it fixed!

 A little indoor gold before bed helps me sleep well!
 Night, night, Dada!
Help!  I'm being squeezed by a very big caterpillar!