Sunday, March 10, 2013


Jacob celebrated with all his friends at Head Over Heel Gymnastics today!  They all had a wonderful time... jumping, climbing, tumbling... and eating cake! 
And Jacob took home a new friend, a betta fish, thanks to his good buddy Max!  According to Jacob his name is Charlie Brown.  LOL!

Turning four is tough work!! 
Thanks, friends!
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

FOUR Years Old!

I can't believe Jacob is four years old!  It's crazy how fast times goes.  Although the days can be long, the years go by fast.  Just the thought of him turning five next year brings tears to my eyes.

Well we've had a fun birthday week/weekend!  He had a party at Care-a-lot on Thursday, a party at Grace Preschool on Friday, and then a family party Friday night.  Tomorrow he will have a party with his friends at Head Over Heels.  Stay tuned for pictures from that.

This morning he went to gymnastics and then we went up to Pico for a few runs.  It was SO beautiful out we couldn't miss it... blue sky, soft snow, warm temps!  We took him to the summit for the first time and he did wonderfully.  He can turn on a dime and doesn't seem to be phased by an ice patch or pile of snow... he just keeps on going, making nice turns.

So what else is going on now that he's four... he can dress and undress himself for the most part, sometimes getting shirts on is challenging!  He sleeps 10-12 hours a night and goes to bed easily.  He doesn't usually take a nap anymore- but he did just fall asleep on the couch watching "The Lorax."  He's very interested in letters and sounds.  He know all the letters and a lot of sounds.  He asks what letter words start with and has even started breaking words into syllables to count them! :-)  He did it yesterday for the first time and I couldn't believe it!  Obviously he loves school and is ready for it!!  He's gotten pretty good at writing his name and likes to trace other words.  His favorite toys are still cars and trucks, blocks (legos, Lincoln logs, wooden blocks, etc), puzzles, games (memory, Candy Land, matching).  I let him watch a little television (then I get to take a shower!).  His favorite shows are Wild Kratts, Dora and Diego, Super Why, and Curious George.  He is still a great eater- not picky at all and tries everything.  I'm anxious for his four year old well child visit in a couple of weeks to see how much he's grown!  And of course he still likes to talk A LOT!  He has tons of questions and right now seems to be looking forward to summer... ME TOO!  :-)

Happy 4th Birthday Jacob!

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