Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank goodness today was a better day than yesterday!  I'm not sure what was wrong yesterday but it was a very long and difficult day.  Today we are all good.  Jacob slept all night and woke up just before 8am.  We had breakfast and then I went to Pico for 2 runs while Jacob and Dada played outside and shoveled.  It was very cold but the blue sky was beautiful.  Then Jacob took a nice long nap so I could get some things done.  :-)

His latest skills involve being tall enough to turn the lights on and off along with being able to turn the water in the bathroom on and off!  Oh yea, he can also jump, only about half an inch, but he's getting off the ground.  He's worked hard trying to learn that and yesterday he practiced so much that he made himself spit up!  LOL!  And then there is all his talking... I feel like you only have to tell him something once and he tries to say it and remembers it!

Back to work tomorrow...  I've got to check the calendar for the next vacation!

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday and it's time to get motivated!  My car is clean, but the house is far from it.  Of course the second my car comes out of the garage it will be all over.  It's been raining and the roads are a mess.  Oh well, still feels good to get it clean, even for a brief moment.  After swimming this morning I've got to work on the house and get organized.  I'm feeling out of control!  Hopefully Jacob takes a nice long nap!

On a side note, I need to continue to brag about our amazing son... he's been walking up the stairs like a big boy, standing up and holding onto the wall instead of crawling, and now he is even alternating feet!  Amazing!  He goes down on his butt, after I showed him once.  And if you hold one hand he will stand up and walk down, bending his knee instead of just dropping/sliding down.  When he gets to the last step he yells, "jump!" and tires to jump off.  He really wants to learn to jump and can bounce now on the couch or bed (great!) and attempts to on the floor.  I think he's about 33 pounds and that's a lot to get off the ground (just ask my back!).  LOL!  He's truly a gift from above that makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Fun!

I can't believe our vacation is more than half way over!  Why does it have to go so fast?  I guess because we are having so much fun.  I love being able to be with my baby all day... there is nothing better!

So what have we done this week... well Ted was away for 2 days; I got my hair done; Grammie babysat; I took a quick trip to Manchester and got Jacob some new PJs for spring and next fall/winter; and Jacob came with me to the dentist.  Ted made me a little nervous about bringing him with me, but I thought how else is he going to learn about it if he doesn't watch?!  Well needless to say he was a PERFECT ANGEL!!  He just sat on me the whole time watching... not moving a muscle or making a sound!  Then when we were done he played with the suction, aka "Mr. Thirsty," and squirted water into a cup.  He had a great time and we came home with lots of goodies to play "dentist."  Thanks, Christie!

I got my new iPhone yesterday!  I like it a lot even though it's been a big dose of how incompetent I am. And I really tried to follow all the directions to switch over from my Black Berry.  I did get the iPhone working but transfering my contact was beyond my ability.  Of course Ted did it instantly!

Today's going to be warm... in the 40's!  So hopefully we can get out to play and maybe even clean my car.  Tomorrow's swimming, followed by movie night at Gianna's, then Logan's birthday Saturday.  Should be lots more fun to come this week!

Wearing ski boot and standing on a stool make it more fun to play at the train table!
Where did Jacob go?! 
OH, there he is!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vacation Starts!

Our first day of vacation started with sunshine and a swim!  Unfortunately it wasn't in the warm pacific waters of Maui!!  But it was still lots of fun at the VAC pool.  It's a big class this session, about 10 or so kids.  Jacob's friends Logan, Ari, and Cabot are all there.  It is so neat to watch how they all change so quickly!  Jacob is a total Pisces and loves the water.  He stands on the side and jumps in for me to catch him.  He dumps water on the top of his head (and mine!).  And he's really starting to kick his legs and paddle his hands to move through the water.  He likes using the noodles and arm rings to float/swim around and can almost go on his own!

After swimming we stopped at school for a quick visit.  Jacob had lunch, listened to part of a story on the rug with kindergarten, saw lots of friends, and ran up and down the long halls.  Of course everyone thought he was the cutest... because he is!

Here are a few pictures from last weekend.  Jacob went on the Bonanza chair lift at Pico with Ted and I rode in the one behind.  I could just see his little head sticking up and his hand going... waving to the people skiing/riding by.  It was so cute!

Getting a ride over to the lift.
Here we go...
...and we're off!

At the very top of Bonanza for the first time!
Tired!  Time for a rest.
All better.  That was fun!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More boots

 Who says I'm chubby... look at these ribs... better find some clothes, it's cold in Vermont!