Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First time with mittens on!
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See my tooth!
Jacob's stuffy nose is slowly improving and our happy baby has returned (knock on wood!). We went to the doctor's this morning for the last of his 6 month old shots. Next he has to get the flu shots... 2 for the seasonal flu and one (I think) for the H1N1 flu. It's so scary to give all these vaccines to him. I wonder if we are over vaccinating children? Not that I want him to get any of these terrible diseases. It's just a lot. After the flu shots, no more until 12 months... then dreaded MMR. We will definitely be separating that one and doing single vaccines.

Jacob's napping now, and hopefully will for a while. I might go to Rutland later and look for some shirts for him. Everything I have is too snug for him and he hates putting on tight clothes. Poor baby!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hangin' Out

We've had happy moments...and not so happy ones lately. I'm not sure if its the stuffy nose or the teeth, or more likely a combination, but Jacob has not been himself. He's not sleeping well and has times when he's fussy. And to top it off, I still feel rotten. If his head feels anything like mine, then I know why he is fussy. I feel bad for him. I've been giving him Tylenol again today. I don't know if it helps or not. He has hardly slept today... and was just so tired he couldn't eat and fell asleep. So now, at 5:30 when I don't want him sleeping, he's totally out. He's been waking up a lot a night also. I get him back to sleep, lay him down in his crib, and he wakes up. Then we start the process over again. I do it a few times and then just give in and put him in bed with us. Am I just starting a bad habit? I just want to sleep!

Friday, September 25, 2009


We just got home from Jacob's second swimming lesson. It went very well despite his stuffy nose. I think he's feeling a little better today. He was happy to be in the pool and watch the other kids.

We did see Dr. Adams yesterday~ she's great! Although he cried almost the whole time we were there, she could hear that is lungs sounded clear and his ears were fine (she did remove some wax which he didn't like!). So just a nasty cold that has to run its course.

Here's a little video from the musician last night. He's sitting up on his own pretty well! Now if he could just roll over...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It was such a beautiful day today! I wish we'd gotten outside more than we did. Jacob's cold is pretty bad, but luckily he's very tolerant of it and therefore not too unhappy. We did go for a nice walk. I tried to vacuum but didn't get far. Ted worked on staining the deck railing (such a pain!) and cleaned his car. Then Pops and Grammie Manning came to visit. It doesn't seem like we did much today... I must be missing something... oh yea- I took a 2 hour nap with Jacob! :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jacob is starting to get a cold... the poor baby. He's all stuffed up and having post nasal drip. I think it's making him spit up because he is spitting up a whole lot more than normal. Maybe it's related to the new tooth. I gave him some Tylenol an hour ago and now he is asleep in his swing. He usually eats one more time before bed but he seems to be really out. I think I'll move him to his bed shortly. I hope he sleeps okay tonight. I did raise the head of his mattress. Time will tell. I'm praying for sleep!

Friday, September 18, 2009


We just got home from Jacob's first swimming lesson at VAC's aquatots program. Jacob loved it! There were a lot of kids, probably 15 (mostly girls!). He was the youngest but there were a few other young ones, 10, 11, and 13 months. The other kids were up to 3 years old. They practiced bobbing up and down, swishing back and forth, watching us blow bubbles, sitting on the edge and jumping in, swimming back and forth, floating on their back, and using a noodle. Jacob happily did everything and really liked watching the other kids. I can't wait until next week!

Oh yea... I CAN FEEL A TOOTH!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A tooth (soon)!

Jacob has a definite spot on his gum and I suspect will have a lower right tooth in the very near future! My baby is growing up too fast!! I was just going through 0-3 month clothes to give to a friend and it brought back so many memories... I almost started to cry!

We start swimming lessons tomorrow. VAC has an aquatots program. I'm very excited, especially since I found out my friend Amy is helping teach the class! I hope Jacob likes the water as much as he did in Maui (not that you can quite compare the two!). I'll let you know how it goes. Sorry for the blog neglect lately.

Friday, September 11, 2009

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6 month well baby visit

We saw Dr. Wood today for Jacob's 6 month well baby check up. Of course Dr. Wood was very impressed with out big boy! He weighed 20 pounds and 2.5 ounces (90th %ile) and was 26 3/4 inches tall (75th %ile)! We had blood work re-done this week revealing improved neutrophil cell counts, up to 912 from 660. He still has neutropenia as the count should be 1200-1500, but the hematologist was very happy and said we don't need to re-do the testing for 6 month. Since he is healthy, happy, and growing so well, they think it is benign neutropenia that will "burn its self out."

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6 Months Old

September 8, 2009

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