Thursday, June 25, 2009


We saw Dr. Adams Tuesday for Jacob's 4 month well baby check up (5 days shy of 16 weeks). He was 15 pounds and 6 ounces (70th%ile) and 23 3/4 inches (10th%ile). He has tripled his birth weight and is now the equivalent of three bags of sugar (and every bit as sweet!).

The doctor said we could start trying rice or oatmeal cereal now. It seems really early to me but it might help him sleep through the night. She said babies are typically ready between 4 and 6 months. Of course I didn't think to ask if we should adjust his age by the 5 weeks he was early and wait a little longer before trying it. She told us to try it with a spoon and if he's not ready, we can put it in his bottle and then try again with the spoon in a week. I think I will get some tomorrow (or later this morning actually). It might seem strange though not to be up at 3am! Well it looks like my baby is asleep so it's time for us to go to be again.


dmelen said...

I am a fan of holding off on cereal. I am not sure if it really helps with the sleeping. Zachy still doesn't sleep though the night and Griffin didn't until he was 18 months old. Also, you don't need to start with cereal. A lot of research is pointing to veggies as first food (avocado, sweet potatoes even green beans). That is what we did with Zachy. And all my kids refused Rice but would eat oatmeal and barley. Good luck

Anonymous said...

He looks bright, alert and ready!!!
Yea, Dr. Spock!!!

bellapez said...

I know that we started Gianna with some cereal at around 4 months - she took to it pretty well (of course my gram insisted on her having some pastini & egg as she had done for all babies over the past 70 years). Gianna still prefers that over anything!!! Try it and see how he likes it - Good luck. xoxo