Friday, July 9, 2010

So we are here, obviously, and there have been ups and downs- as there are always with life...  The flight went pretty well.  It's a very long trip and I go crazy the last two hours on the plane.  Jacob slept about half the fight time.  He was fussy and crying, because he was tired and wouldn't give in, for about an hour and half or 2 hours of the 8 hour flight from Chicago to Maui.  Not too bad for a 16 month old I guess.  Ted did very well with him, walking him up and down the isle and getting him to sleep.

Jacob slept pretty well the first night, just woke up way too early at about 3am.  He was happy though, and played.  Given the big changes that he's been through, I think he's doing well.

Yesterday morning he went in the ocean.  He totally loved it and couldn't get in fast enough.  This morning he was not as into it.  We did take a swim in the pool later on, which he enjoyed.  Then we went with Ted to Ho'okipa.  It was fun to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while.  Jacob was a flirt with everyone and had a great time playing in the tidal pool and the sand.  We also found out that he likes the taste of sand!  My friend Beth once told me that we all eat a bucket (or maybe several in Jacob's case) of dirt in our life times... Well, Jacob is well on his way!  Boy is he quick to put things in his mouth.  I think he is starting to learn the words, "spit it out." and is doing that while shaking his head "no" each time he tries to eat something.  Luckily he drools most of the sand out!  LOL!

He had a little melt down after we got back from the beach today.  He was very over tired, poor baby.  He's asleep now and Ted is out getting us Sansei take out... SUSHI!  I can't wait!

Oh yea, my baby is 16 months old today and my baby brother is 35 YEARS old today!  How did that happen?!  I must be like almost 20 or so, give or take a few decades!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONNY!  Hope you had a great day!

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