Monday, July 9, 2012

Some good times and some...

Jacob got a balloon sea turtle at Pizza Madness the other night.  It survived his "love" longer than I thought it would!
We set up the beach tent at Kanaha yesterday.  We bought it three years ago, the first time with came with Jacob, and yesterday was the first time we used it.  Jacob enjoyed playing in it.  It was fun until we tried to fold it back up.
Jacob went to his bedroom this morning for a timeout from throwing, hitting, and general bad attitude.  Ted and I sat on the lanai for a few minutes having coffee, enjoying the quiet.  But then I soon discovered what had captured his attention... 2 full containers of powder!!!  He carefully spread them evenly over everything in the room.  The reason the picture looks so cloudy is because the air was cloudy with powder.  That was not fun to clean up but I couldn't help laughing when I saw it.  Happy 4th Anniversary to us! 
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