Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tomorrow starts a new chapter for Jacob with his first day of school!  I can't believe it's already time, but he is very ready to go (me- not so much!).  Recently he has become very interested in drawing, writing, and tracing letters.  His fine motor is improving and he can trace some letters.  He usually colors over them after tracing them, but it's a start.  He has also learned quite a few letter names.  He has a place mat with the alphabet on it and likes to talk about each letter and name someone whose name starts with the letter.  He even point out letters on signs when we are driving... "There's an 'M' for Mama!"  The other day he pointed to a 'W' in a book we were reading and said it was an 'M' for Mama.  When I told him it was actually a 'W' he took the book and turned it over and said, "Look, now it's an M!"  Pretty cool, huh?!  I'm impressed.  Among several others, he knows: D for Dada, G for Grammie and Grampa,  O is for Old Grammie, P for Pili, Pops, and Papa, J for Jacob, R for Ryan, S for snow, T for Ted, and Z for Zachy.  When he gets to the O for Old Grammie he says he wants to move it next to the G, for Old Grammie!  He has also started playing some word games.  When I told Ted that Pili was "driving me nuts!" the other day, Jacob said, "Pili is driving you doughnuts?"  "Pili is driving you peanuts? coconuts?"  It was so funny and he knew it!  His counting has also improved and he no longer goes from 7 to 11.  :-)

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