Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Grammie

Well I have to write this down, so I don't forget it, and because I can hardly speak it.... without crying, anyway.  So Jacob is quite often speaking of Old Grammie, my grandmother, and asking about Heaven and where it is.  It's a challenging concept for a 4 year old.  A week or so ago and out of the blue he comes out of his bathroom and says, "Mama, why don't you look on a map for Heaven so we can go visit Old Grammie and Keesha."  I wish it was that easy!  Then I start telling him that she is like a star in the night sky and that he can talk to her and she will hear him.  Which brings me to last night when we were outside and about to go for a walk with Pili, when he looks up at the sky and says, "Hi Old Grammie.  We miss you!  Come back here!"  Again, if only it was that easy!  I'm not sure what else to tell him.  I have no good answers.  But it was all dark and  cloudy and then all of a sudden a ray of sun shone brightly on Pico.  I think she heard him.

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