Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting ready!

 Well we tried to get a nice picture!  Guess those days are over.

 First try at the angel...

 Second try...

 Third try...
 Come on, Dada, he only weighs 50 pounds!  Higher!

 Guess we need to trim the top.

 You know there are too many ornaments on the same branch when every 30 seconds another one falls!

And this is what Jacob and Dada came home with from Home Depot today... a Christmas DINOSAUR!?!  I had one word for Ted... sucker!  Jacob tried to get me to buy it last week.  LOL

Funny story of the day:  Ted moved Jacob's play set yesterday so today he needed help reassembling it.  We went out and Jacob stayed in  for a while (to eat some licorice we later discovered), and then came out.  All of a sudden Ted and I heard a strange yell so I went to investigate.  I went in the basement and Jacob said, "Did you hear me yell?"  I said, "Yes, but where were you yelling from?"  He looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, "From my mouth."  :-)

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