Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jacob Phillip Manning, March 8, 2008

Hello everyone! A quick update on the recent events in our lives:

On Sunday, March 8, Jodi woke up not feeling 100% but went about a normal morning routine. She thought she might have been getting sick, or maybe ate something wrong the day before. By 1pm, it wasn't getting much better and we called the Doctor shortly thereafter who advised just to monitor her feelings for the next hour or so and call back. She did, and noted the feelings were not easing and the contractions she thought she might have been feeling were slightly increasing. So, as per the Doc's instructions, off to the hospital we went around 3pm with nothing other than the clothes on our backs. By 3:30 she was hooked up to a monitor, trying to relax. Next thing you know, her water breaks and our Doctor who came in to meet us is telling us the baby is coming. Now. !!! At 5:10, after only 19 minutes of pushing, baby Jacob was born 5 weeks early weighing in at 5lbs 2oz. Jodi can give the expanded version of the story soon but for now, Jodi is doing great, and Jacob is progressing nicely.


dmelen said...

Welcome Baby Jacob! I can't believe you're here. We love you.

jonnymelen said...

Congrats Jodi & Ted, Enjoy every minute with Jacob Phillip. We love you guys!!!

bellapez said...

We can't believe that he's here so early - but Jacob is perfect, and you are truly blessed.
We love you!
Karen, David & Gianna Bella

mom31146 said...

Ahhhh....a handsome, healthy new grandson! We are thrilled with our new addition and just know he will add so much to your wonderful lives. We look forward to making lots of memories with you all!! Blessings to all of you....Love, Grammie and Joe (well, maybe Jacob will make it Pops!)

Nancy said...

Congratulations Jodi and Ted! We can't wait to welcome little Jacob to the neighborhood! I'm very excited and happy for both of you in this very special time of your life with your precious little bundle of love. My youngest was born on March 8th also!! Very good date! We can't wait to meet Jacob! Love, Bob and Nancy