Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 34 ends

Well another week has come to an end. Week 34 is almost complete! It's been a busy week with lots of things after school. Thank God I have been sleeping better! Monday evening was the Mendon town meeting, although I only made it until 7:20, Ted stayed until the end- 10:00. Tuesday evening was our first child birth class. It was very interesting, even a little scary at times, and the instructor was great. There were five couples there, two others didn't show. It was a very diverse group, and yes, we were the oldest (except one other dad said he was 38). Wednesday evening we went out for a delicious dinner at Countryman's Pleasure with Ted's parents. Thanks Joe and Stephanie- it was great! Thursday I had a late meeting at school followed by grocery shopping and a rest on the couch. Luckily Bella came over to play with Pili, so she was happy. And now today, Friday, I've decided to work half a day to try and rest some for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!! :-)

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