Monday, September 28, 2009

Hangin' Out

We've had happy moments...and not so happy ones lately. I'm not sure if its the stuffy nose or the teeth, or more likely a combination, but Jacob has not been himself. He's not sleeping well and has times when he's fussy. And to top it off, I still feel rotten. If his head feels anything like mine, then I know why he is fussy. I feel bad for him. I've been giving him Tylenol again today. I don't know if it helps or not. He has hardly slept today... and was just so tired he couldn't eat and fell asleep. So now, at 5:30 when I don't want him sleeping, he's totally out. He's been waking up a lot a night also. I get him back to sleep, lay him down in his crib, and he wakes up. Then we start the process over again. I do it a few times and then just give in and put him in bed with us. Am I just starting a bad habit? I just want to sleep!


Anonymous said... never know when you are doing the right thing or when you are not...needless to say...consistency works...i will call with further are a great Mom...there is no book with all the your instincts!!

bellapez said...

Hope the little man is feeling better tonight - it is soooo hard when they get sick and there is not a lot you can do for him. Cuddle with him, and if he needs to sleep with you, so be it! Whatever it takes to help him get some rest (and you too!!). Hang in there... xoxo