Monday, November 23, 2009

Ahhh, Monday is over, or the work day part any way. I picked Jacob up a little after 3 to find him asleep. I hate waking him. Luckily he fell right back to sleep in the car and didn't wake when I carried him in to his crib. Now I'm relaxing for a second, hoping Ted will bring home takeout!

We had a good weekend. Friday was the last day of swimming lessons. He just loves the water. Then Ted's parents came over for dinner to celebrate his mom's birthday. Saturday we did a few errands in Rutland and then helped Ted with the deck railing (we were very helpful!). Sunday we went to my parents for the afternoon. We went for a nice walk and picked out a Christmas tree next door to my parents. Jacob had been great but something wasn't right when he woke up crying from his nap Sunday afternoon. I don't know what was wrong, but for the rest of the day I guess he didn't feel good. He seems fine today. We'll see when he wakes up.

I'm working again tomorrow, then not til next Tuesday! I'm going to have to get used to working five days per week because January is going to be here before I know it. I wish I didn't have to but I said I would, so I will. But I will also keep buying Powerball tickets! :-)

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