Monday, November 9, 2009

Indian Summer

The last few days have been a gift! Warm weather and sunshine are always welcome. I worked today (Monday), but got to enjoy Sunday outside. It was one of my most productive days in quite a while. Not to mention a mood lifter! I started out at 9:00 by cutting down perennials while Jacob took his morning nap. It was a mad dash for an hour and a half until he woke. Then we went to Rutland for a few groceries. He fell asleep on the way home so I parked out back while I carried the groceries in the house. I proceeded to wash the car while he slept in his car seat! After waking he watched from his stroller while I finished the perennials. We also did lots of laundry and went for a walk. When Ted got home we tried to go for a hike at Pico but it cools down very quickly and Jacob wasn't dressed warm enough to be out for that long. So we walked around at the bottom throwing the ball for Pili. Since she couldn't swim in the pond she decided to roll in the pool of muddy water to cool her hot body. Needless to say, she got a bath when we got home (Thanks to Ted!). What a great day!

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