Sunday, January 30, 2011

New skis and boots!

Jacob went shopping for his first pair of skis and boots yesterday!  He's been skiing around the house, inside and out, using his snow boots and a pair of plastic skis, so these are his first REAL pair!  Of course he immediately wanted to put the boots on (he get's that from me!) and wobbled around for about 30 seconds before mastering the "ski boot walk!"  It was so cute and everyone in the store seemed to enjoy watching him.  I think he was good for business... lifting everyone's spirit... maybe a future job for him?!  Next he popped on a pair of skis and took off around the store.  So we're headed to Pico this morning- I'm hoping.  Jacob woke up at 4:30 this morning really yelling, which is not like him.  He felt hot...  He went right back to sleep but has been restless and still feels hot.  I'll take his temperature when he gets up.  Please don't let him be sick!!  PLEASE!

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