Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well it's been a while since I've written much, so what is going on... hmmm... It's been snowing, A LOT, and more is on the way today.  This storm might be messy with some sleet mixed in, but hopefully not.  It's also been pretty cold.  Jacob is awesome!  He's such a smarty!  The other day one of his cars went under the stove so I got a long spoon to get it out.  A little bit later I noticed he was on his belly with the same spoon working on getting the car out himself!  The next day he put one of his "credit cards" under the basement door.  He went to the drawer for the spoon but came back with a measuring cup!  He tried to put the handle under the door but it wouldn't fit.  So he went and got the spoon, but unfortunately that wouldn't work either.  He's a little scientist!!  He's also told me a few times now when he's gone to the bathroom and needs his diaper changes- he points to his diaper and says, "go."  And he's discovered he can make his highchair go across the kitchen floor by basically throwing his body back and forth!  LOL!

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