Thursday, March 8, 2012


HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to our sweet baby boy!

I don't know how 3 years has possibly gone by, but somehow it did!    You have enriched our lives so much, I don't know what we did to fill the days before you came along!

You are now 40 pounds and 39 inches tall.  We'll have to wait until next month when we see Dr. Wood for your well child visit to get your percentiles.  I'm guessing they'll be pretty high (and perfect)!  You've had a great winter, knock on wood, and been very healthy.  :-)

Your favorite things to do, other than TALK, include playing with any vehicle, being outside (skiing, shoveling, sliding, etc.), swimming, reading books, "helping" with anything, and of course eating (you're still not picky at all- keep it up!).  You like to go home with anyone that will take you.  More often than not you don't nap anymore (oh how I treasure nap time) and you generally sleep well at night.  Your favorite books right now are:

Chickens to the Rescue
The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss
The Mitten and The Hat, both by Jan Brett

You love books and will sit and listen for as long as I am willing to read.  You even help me read lots of books.  When you wake up in the morning I often find you sitting in your chair with a book... it makes my heart melt!

Well you may not have a human sibling to fight with but you sure do battle with Pili.  That poor dog puts up with a lot.  If she sniffs a toy she gets yelled at, "Pili, don't sniff my ___!" or if she's in the way, "Pili, that's my side!" or if she looks at you, "Pili, don't look at me!"  You're definitely going to be an "only"... thank goodness for pets and cousins!

You like to be busy... every day you wake and ask me where we are going and what we are doing.  Then the "why" questioning begins.  No matter how many answers we come up with, it never ends!  Uncle Jonny is the only one who can stop you because he starts asking you why and driving you crazy! LOL

You've just started to want to watch TV... Sesame Street and The Chipmunks Movie are your top picks.  I feel bad letting you watch it but it gives me a little time to do things!

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