Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catch up...

Well another vacation has come and gone!  Overall it was much better than February vacation, thankfully!  We didn't go anywhere but the weather was pretty nice and we got to spend lots of time outside.  It's amazing how just having the sun out and the windows open improves your mood so much (or at least mine!).  We went to Pine Hill Park several times for some short hikes.  It's really very nice there and Jacob liked whacking trees with sticks and jumping off rocks.

We also went to gymnastics for "open gym."  Jacob played HARD for almost two hours straight and then took a nice long nap.  :-)  He must of had his fill of bouncing, between the bouncy house/castle and the trampolines, he's gotten quite good at jumping!  He also enjoyed the hula hoops and was actually starting to get it!

Jacob also saw Dr. Wood for his 3 year old well child visit.  He was 39.5 inches tall (89th%ile) and weighed 41 pounds (98th%ile). Perfect!!

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