Thursday, April 12, 2012

Preschool Screening

Today Jacob went for a preschool screening for 3 and 4 year olds.  I don't know how it can possibly be time for my baby to go to school?!?  He was very excited when we got there, shrieking, "I'm so excited!" in the car.  Since we were early, we stopped at the little playground for a bit.  Unfortunately he fell off a ladder on a slide and started crying.  It wasn't too bad, but scared him, I think.  That didn't start things off on the right foot, but he recover quickly.  After playing for a little while we went inside.  He hung up his sweatshirt and was greeted by the SLP, who I was happy to meet.  He told her his name, and... "My dada is mad at me because I was screaming at him."  Where did that come from?!?  It was true, he had been screaming, but what in the world made him say that then?  She looked at me and I just smiled, nodded and said, it's true, he was screaming.  LOL.  Kids tell everything!  Jacob then jumped right into playing in the bean table... just like a rice, sand or water table, but with beans.  What a great idea!  It'd be much easier to clean up beans.  So he scooped, dumped, poured, and maybe even tossed a few beans.  Next it was on to the play dough for some rolling, cutting, and squishing.  In end we got a copy of the screening which said he was a great conversationalist, with good grammar, coordination, and cutting skills.  :-)  AND cooperative!  What a good boy!  Now if he could just display those skills all the time... specifically at home.  It's not like I ask for too much!

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