Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12 pounds +/-

Jacob and I went up to see Ted at work today. We weighed him on the UPS scale... 12 pounds .5 ounces with his clothes on! So give him another day and he'll be a good 12 pounds. I'm thrilled he's growing so well. I can definitely tell from the fact that he's growing out of all his clothes. He's now wearing 3 month old sizes, with no extra room spare!

We've heard from several friends in the medical field that neutropenia is not totally uncommon in newborn babies and that it generally resolves itself. I'm starting to feel better about things. I'm not sure why, it's not like we have any new information. Maybe it's just due to the passing of time. We just about have things set with a pediatrician in Maui. I hope Ted will make all of our reservations soon! I really can't wait to go. We are going to have the blood work re-done around June 10. Please pray that his neutrophil count goes up.

Jacob's nose is still stuffy, although a little better. Hopefully he will be able to have the rest of his two month old shots at the end of the week. I hate it when they make him cry!

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mom31146 said...

I thought Jacob was quite heavy when I was holding him....GOOD FOR HIM!!! Well, I'm glad you are feeling more comfortable speaking with other medical professionals...I think that is why I suggested you speak with Sheila....it's exactly what she said as well!!! He is doing just fine! Love you all, Mom