Thursday, May 14, 2009

A cold

Well Jacob has his first cold... a stuffy nose. This was a first I was hoping would happen later rather than sooner. I've been using saline drops and a nasal aspirator when he sounds really congested. He's not too crazy about having his nose suctioned which makes me feel rotten. Hopefully it will resolve quickly. I have a cold also, but it's getting better.

Last week we had some blood work re-done to check his hemoglobin levels. He has been anemic and is taking iron. After two traumatic (for both of us) bloods draws, we found out his hemoglobin is better, but still low average. We also found out that he has neutropenia, which has to do with his white blood cells. Specifically his neutorphil count is too low (his was 440 and should be 1500). At this point we don't know why and it could be due to a wide range of reasons, like the natural dip of bone marrow functioning in a new born, tfighting an infection, a vitamin deficiency, or something really bad. The hematologist in Burlington that Dr. Wood consulted with said that since he is gaining weight so well, is happy and healthy, that it isn't as much of a concern and will probably resolve on its own. If he was sick and not gaining weight, then they would be more concerned. So now we wait 6 weeks and repeat the test. Needless to say I am absolutely sick with worry. But as I sit and stare at him, he just looks so healthy to me. Please keep him in your prayers.

Next comes the Maui dilema... We were all set to go when we found out about the neutopenia. Now I'm scared to be away or put him at risk. We've started to look into pediatricians out there, just in case. All the people have recommened a husband and wife team, Dr. Fox and Dr. Fox. Ted is going to call them to see if they will meet with us when we get there, take care of him if needed, and consult with our Dr. Wood. I hope they can make me feel better. I like their name, which could be a sign... Michael J. FOX is a great person and I see a beautiful red FOX around our house a lot... I know I'm crazy. But I look for signs like that. I can't imagine not going to Maui. It has become our summer home and gives me such a sense of joy and peace. I want Jacob to grow up with that as part of his life.

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Anonymous said...

I concur...I think you should continue to live your lifes as you have in the past. And, especially if your physicians you think it was the onset of the cold?? There are people all over the world and there are babies all over the world....he will be fine! He is so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to summer in Maui..for now anyway! Love, Mom