Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Why must I learn things the "HARD" way? Last night I knew Jacob had eaten enough, was not hungry, did not need any more, but he was willing to take it, and I was hoping it would make him sleep longer... now I have to bring the comforter to the laundromat. The poor baby spit up every bit of it when I sat him up to burp. I feel so bad for doing that to him. Why when we know something, can we not act accordingly on it? If adults can't make good decisions and do what they know they should do, how can we expect children to?

And taking care of a baby is "HARD" work. I've always know that, now I really know it! I'm not complaining but it is hard to not sleep night after night for a little over 4 months. I keep thinking of my brother saying he hasn't slept in almost 7 years! When I go to bed at night I pray Jacob will sleep. Then I feel guilty, what a thing to pray! Last night wasn't too bad, after the big spit up and all. He was asleep a little after 9, got up 2:30-3:00 and then 6:00.


mom31146 said...

It's not learning things the hard way....it's just trial and error with babies. Now you know! And, Jacob will learn as well....don't forget, he is adjusting to new food etc. Patience....patience...patience. Hopefully Grammies-Me & Ma will be able to offer some respite! Much love, Grammie-Ma!

dmelen said...

If he only got up once between 9 and 6 - I think that is great. I was up 3 times with Zachy between 9 and 7. and once with Ryan. sleep is a thing of the past.
Aren't you glad you have the bissell carpet cleaner at home. LOL