Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More presents for the little man

Thanks John and Chihagi for the long-sleeve rashguard. I don't want sunburn on my arms! ~ Jacob

Happy 4 month birthday Jacob! Happy 408th month birthday Jonny!
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Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy 4th month...and you look so happy in Maui with all the warm sun and fun are growing up too fast, little man!! Love, Grammie Ma (I realized both of us Grammies have the same last initial....can't wait until Jacob tries to say Grammie Ma (short for Grammie Manning) so, Linda, you will be Grammie Me.....Pack your bags!!!

bellapez said...

You all look awesome! Happy 4th month Jacob - happy anniversary Jodi & Ted! Wow - who'd have thought!!!! I am so jealous to see you guys in the sun - we are really in need of it here. Grammies Me & Ma - enjoy your vacation and make sure you make Jodi take some time for herself!!!!! Keep the pictures posted - Miss you! xoxo us

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