Monday, July 13, 2009

Toes in the pacific!

On the beach for a stroll, south shore, Kihei

Jacob's first time with his toes in the ocean! Soon we will take him for a swim in the ocean.

Now a dip in the pool...

all done. Time for a nap!


mom31146 said...

Jacob looks in total awe of his the I see a bit of drool??? Hmmm, remember me telling you Ted had his first tooth at 3 they come!!! Such fun...Love, Grammie-Ma

dmelen said...

You guys look great. Seriously Jodi, didn't you just have a baby...and you look great in a bikini! Miss you guys. I forgot to tell you Pili was great. When she left Cassie walked around the yard whining. that was a little sad :(