Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to work

I just finished my first week (3 days) back at school. I hadn't been there to work since March 6th! Despite all that time, it almost felt like I never left! I've actually missed working, although there are some things I could do without (forever!). People keep asking me if I'm having a hard time leaving Jacob. Maybe something is wrong with me, because I'm fine with it. No, I know it's because he's very well taken care of by his Aunt Dawn (I am so grateful for that, I cannot begin to express it). I also know that it is so good for him to get out of our quiet house and be around his cousins. I am stressed about trying to do a 5 day a week job in just 2 days. There are some things I won't be doing at all, but I'm trying to put a LOT into 2 days. I don't like not having the time to do all that I want with the students. It makes me question whether I should of just gone back full time right away... But Jacob is my priority right now. In a few months I will be back at work full time so I need to enjoy the extra time I have with him now!


mom31146 said...

And, Jacob will be better for this decision...and you will feel better having made this choice! Babies are babies for only such a short time....Love, Tu-Tu Ma

dmelen said...

I truly love having Jacob here. He is such a sweetie. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of caring for him. Love you guys lots.