Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank You!!

1. Thank you to Jonny and Dawn for having us for breakfast, helping with Jacob, and ALL the clothes. Jacob won't have to be a naked boy!

2. Thank you to my wonderful friend Sue for your company, cleaning my refrigerator (it sparkles), and feeding Jacob so I could take a shower. I feel so much better.

3. Thank you to my in-laws for bringing and cooking a delicious meal for me, cleaning up the kitchen, and helping with Jacob.

You have all helped to greatly improve my mood today. I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. I love you all!

Stuffy Nose Update: Jacob had a tough night last night. He was so tired but kept waking because he couldn't breathe well. He slept some in his swing and the rest on my shoulder. Today he has continued to be stuffy, but in a pretty good mood considering. He has gotten to the point where he hates the saline nasal drops and aspirator and cries terribly. Poor baby... I feel so sad for him.

Update on Gram: My Gram had her partial hip replacement this morning. She made it through the surgery well. The morphine was making her pretty out of it so they switched to another med which helped. They are concerned about her lungs, oxygen levels, and the risk for pneumonia. Her lungs are weak due to emphysema. Jake and I will go see her tomorrow. He will make her happy!

Happy 5 Month Birthday Jacob Phillip Manning! Where is the time going!?

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mom31146 said...

you were supposed to go directly to bed....but how sweet you noted your night-time prayers....what is family and friends for if not to help when needed? we are blessed as well to feel needed! TuTu-Ma