Friday, October 23, 2009

Long week...

Why do short school weeks always seem so long?! Maybe this one seemed so long to me because I worked 3 days instead of 2. It was a really long, stressful, and somewhat depressing week. Maybe it was hormonal (and NO, I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be!). I just really struggled through this week. First it was the H1N1 vaccine for Jacob and all the pressure to either get it or not. I went so far as to call the Department of Health to try and get a thimerisol free vaccine but was unsuccessful. So after much discussion, research, and several sleepless nights, we decided we were more scared of Jacob getting the flu than of the vaccine. Eighty six kids have died since April! Jacob got the vaccine Tuesday and is doing fine. The big guy didn't even cry (of course I put the numbing cream on his thigh!). I felt like I was giving him a little bit of poison while trying to keep him safe... what a conflict! I don't understand why the government and pharmaceutical companies don't just make all vaccines thimerisol free? I don't care how many studies say it doesn't cause autism. We know it is not good for you and vaccines can be made without it. Seems like a no brainer to me!

And next comes the issue of sleeping... and the question of letting him cry or not. Everyone has a different opinion and there are many good websites supporting both views. All I know is that it goes against my basic core beliefs about being a mom. I cannot and will not let my baby cry. It is my job to be there when he needs me no matter what time of day. He is sleeping through the night in his crib more often now, and did last night. But many nights he wakes sometime between 2 and 4 and then sleeps the rest of the night with us. I really need to move on from the stress of this issue because I don't like feeling this way.

We just got back from swimming. Jacob had a great time and is fast asleep now. We saw our friend Kim with her two boys, Owen and Wyatt, coming in to the "big kids" class after ours. It was fun to see them. Hopefully we can get together soon. And we are looking forward to see some other friends this weekend and meeting their new babies.... Ruby and Kellam.

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