Monday, October 12, 2009


I don't usually work on Mondays, but I re-arranged my schedule this week so I could work and attend the faculty meeting after school (yuck- I must be crazy!). But now Griffy is sick with a fever and vomiting, poor boy, so I'm staying home this morning. We don't want to take any chances with Jacob's immune system and the neutropenia, so... Grammie Me is covering this afternoon (I'll work 1/2 day) and Grammie Ma is covering tomorrow afternoon. We're going to be overly cautious for now and give Griffy time to feel better.

We had a fun weekend... did errands and some cooking Saturday and went to Grammie and Papa's Sunday for their 40th anniversary. We missed Jonny and Dawn and the boys, though!

Jacob is making lots of new sounds- which are often quite loud! Good thing he's so darn cute! He's also got a good case of stranger anxiety and needs people to give him a good amount of time before coming too close or talking with him.

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