Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a week its been and it's only two days into it! I worked all day Monday and got to take my friend Kathryn to the ER... she got bit! And no, it was not her cats! Let's just say there is a student who should only be getting coal for Christmas. I felt really bad for her; it was a nasty bite requiring a tetanus shot and 5 days of antibiotics. And then last night Ted went to the ER with his friend Nate! I'm not kidding! Nate was having chest/arm pain along with some other not good symptoms. I'm not sure the final results because Ted left after Amanda got there, but the EKG was good. Hopefully it's just be a case of holiday stress for a workaholic!

Today I worked until noon. There was a lot of partying going on but I actually accomplished some things! Then I picked Jacob up and did some errands. We came home and made two Italian Ravioli Casseroles with Spinach, one for us and one for our neighbors. Our neighbor is having her last chemo treatment tomorrow so we brought some food over. We had a great visit (Jacob was quite the performer... hamming it up!). It really made my day to sit and visit with Caroline. We need to do that more often!

Tomorrow I will do some cooking for Christmas Eve, wrap a few more things, and try to remember if I've forgotten anything. I'm so excited... I can't wait for Santa to come.

Now, time for a glass of wine.

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