Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 months old!

Jacob turned 10 months old yesterday! He (and I) had a great week despite returning to work full time and having Ted away for two days. It was good to be back with my friends and to have a change of pace from the two days per week I've been putting in. Jacob is getting so big... eating everything thanks to his Aunt Dawn (I let him try things, too!). This week he had some chicken, pizza, more grilled cheese, cream of wheat, spatzel (we got take out from Countryman's Pleasure!), and I'm sure some other things I can't recall at the moment. He was on a good schedule all week and slept the most he's ever slept last night. He was asleep at 7:30 and didn't make a peep until 3:30, but went back to sleep with me until almost 8:00! Not too bad, huh!?! He has been having a few wake ups about an hour after going to bed, but not last night. He must of played hard yesterday (thanks Aunt Dawn!). He's up to and seems to be holding at 7 teeth, 4 top and 3 bottom. I keep looking for the other bottom tooth to balance him out but there is no sign of it yet (don't they come in twos?). He's still not crawling but just today pushed himself forward (rather than backward!) a couple of times while on his belly. He's so close- hopefully soon he will be on the move! He is moving around some while sitting. He uses one leg to push himself around, basically going in a circle. And he does like to hold your fingers now and walk around. But sledding with his Dada remains his his favorite mode of transportation at the moment.

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dmelen said...

It is such a pleasure to take care of Jacob! He is doing so well here, has a great schedule. And loves to eat new food! LOL
Thank you for allowing me to spend this wonderful time with him!