Friday, January 15, 2010


Jacob woke up this morning coughing. He didn't have a fever or seem to be unhappy, but kept coughing this sometime barky, sometimes rattly cough. Me being the overly worrisome mom that I am, decided to call the doctor. They wanted to see him because of his history of neutropenia, RSV is prevalent, and since it was Friday... So we saw Dr. Wood at 1:30. Jacob didn't have a fever and his lungs and ears were clear. Dr. Wood said RSV is going around but he didn't think Jacob had it. I guess you get a different sounding cough and a very runny nose, which he doesn't have at this point. He said it was a virus which has to run its course, and there isn't much you can do... run the vaporizer, elevate the head of the bed, have him drink pleanty of liquids, etc. He's napping now. Poor baby.

On a positive note, he's starting to move around more and pushing himself forward on his belly at times! Crawling is in his near future.

He now weighs 26 pounds!!

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