Friday, March 12, 2010

12 month well baby visit

We saw Dr. Wood this afternoon for Jacob's 12 month check up.  We had his blood work redone yesterday to check his neutrophil counts.  His levels have gone up, to 960 now, but are still too low and considered neutropenia (1500 is average).  At his last check, at 6 months, it was 912.  I was so hoping it was normal now.  Why is his bone marrow not functioning as it should?  He looks like the picture of health to me.  Dr. Wood is going to consult with the hematologist at Dartmouth and get back to us.
Our little preemie weighed 27 pounds, 1 ounce, which was just below the 95th percentile; was 30 inches tall, 75th percentile; and his head circumfrence was 48 centimeters and the 75th percentile.  They asked if he was walking... we said no, but crawling.  Last time they asked if he was crawling, and we had to say no.  Why are they one step ahead?  Or are we one step behind?  We asked about his toe walking, which my friend Amy said was not a concern at this point.  Dr. Wood concured and at first thought his ankels were stiff, but then though it was just Jacob flexing his strong muscles and resisting him.  I think I might ask Amy to check him out, please!  He also got his first chicken pox vaccine, but we held off on the other two.  One at a time is enough.  We'll go back next week for another one.  I pray everything is okay with his bone marrow.

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dmelen said...

I know this is hard to do but think about the positive, that his levels are going up.