Friday, March 19, 2010

Jacob has officially mastered the running crawl, accompanied by panting and a big grin!  He is lightning fast and heads for his two favorite things, Pili's bowls and my plants.  We've had to change the location of Pili's bowls three times.  Poor dog runs in circles looking for her food.  The second Jacob hears her drinking, he stops, listens, and then takes off for the bowls!  And my big bird of paradise plant in the living room, with the shells all around it so that Pili would stop burying her bones in it, is now being dismantled by little hands.  He ripped part of a leaf off this morning and constantly grabs the shells.  I can't win!  LOL!

Well he was sleeping though the night last week but has been waking up around 3 the last few nights.  I snuggle and rock him and he goes back to sleep.  I try to memorize the feeling, knowing that someday I won't get to do that with him. 

I can't believe how beautiful it is outside.  The doors are open!  It says 58 degrees in the shade out back.  The snow's almost melted on the deck, but you still can't see any of the lawn.  Yesterday Ted and I went to Pico after school for three runs off the top.  Soft corn snow and much fun!

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