Thursday, March 24, 2011

New accomplishments...

Two new accomplishments became apparent yesterday.  They may seem minor, but were a big deal to me! 

First, Jacob loves all types of vehicles and names many of them.  He's been calling a bus a "buh" for quite some time, very typical for his age.  So of course we've been practicing /s/, along with other sounds, and I always stress it on the end of bus.  Yesterday he started saying it with the /s/ on the end!  YEAH!

Second, he's been trying for a couple of days to get up from his knees on the floor by stepping onto one foot only, without using his hands to push himself up or to balance.  This takes some strength, since he weighs 32 pounds, and balance.  Last night he did it and was so proud of himself.  He kept practicing over and over.  So cute!

Obviously it doesn't take much to impress his extremely proud parents!  LOL

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