Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy heart's day everyone! We've had a great day today. Jacob is finally back to himself! He slept all night again, until 7:00am. We went to Sugar and Spice for breakfast. Jacob enjoyed flirting and talking with everyone that looked at him or even just walked by! He also really liked their whole wheat pancakes, as did I. Just after we finished eating they evacuated the building because there was a small fire on the grill. Jacob didn't mind at all and luckily the temps were mild. After we got home Jacob took a nice three hour nap and I went to Pico for a few runs. Ted couldn't go because his pass is blacked out due to the holiday week. He brought me home a new board to try, next year's Salomon... I loved it! It was the most fun board I've ever been on. Then Grammie and Pops Manning visited. Jacob got sad when they left and started to cry! He wanted to play more. After lunch we went and got a few groceries I forgot yesterday and then headed to Shrewsbury to visit Grammie and Papa Melen. He had a great time playing. I'm so glad he's feeling better. Now I'm sipping wine, watching the amazing athletes cross country ski in the olympics (France just beat the US at the very end!), and Jacob is sleeping.

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