Friday, September 10, 2010

Well Baby Visit

We saw Dr. Wood for Jacob's 18 month well baby check up.  As expected, he's perfect!  He weighed 29 pounds 12 ounces, which places him at the 85th percentile (down 10 points from last time), and he was 33 inches tall, staying consistent at the 75th percentile for height.  He got a flu shot (combo seasonal/H1N1) and will go back for two other shots.  :-(  You would think in this day and age there would be a non-painful way to give vaccines.  Dr. Wood also wants to have his neutropenia blood level checked before winter.  He said if Jacob get a high fever and his levels are low, they will treat him with an antibiotic.  So that's a good reason to have it checked.

Jacob has not been sleeping well the last few nights.  He was up at 10:30 and then from 1-3.  He took an early nap today, so hopefully he'll go to be early and sleep all night!  I'm praying.  I can't take another night of this... I'm too old!

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