Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm feeling thankful this morning for the sleep I got last night!  Yesterday was a rough day starting at 2:30AM!!  I don't know why, but Jacob was up and I couldn't get him back to sleep.  He only took a short nap during the day so by 6pm he was in full melt down mode, as was I.  So he went to bed at 7:00 and I followed at 7:45.  Thankfully he slept 12 hours straight and I almost did too!  Hopefully today is better.. it should be since it's the first full day of vacation!  The good part of yesterday was that I went to the Gift-Of-Life Marathon blood drive with my mom, gramp, aunt, and uncle.  My grandfather is the largest blood doaner in the states of VT and NH at 38+ gallons!  WOW- that 's so amazing!  They collected over 1300 pints of blood, beating the record set in Boston- way to go Rutland!

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