Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time keeps getting away from me! So now that it's December 2, HAPPY (belated) THANKSGIVING! We had a great day with my family with too much delicious food. Thanks, Mom! And we got to meet my cousin Lisa and Abby's sweet baby girl, Wren. She's perfect and beautiful, and Jacob's first girl cousin! He wasn't too sure about her at first, and hid his face in me for at least 30 minutes (maybe because she's a girl!). Soon enough he warmed up and showed his cute personality.

I can't believe how fast the long weekend went, and now it's December. Christmas will be here before we know it. I'm really looking forward to getting our tree- Jacob's going to love it. Hopefully we can get it Saturday after gymnastics. Sunday we are going on the "Santa Train" to see Santa's village and maybe even meet him.

Jacob is growing and developing so fast! He's 32 pounds (with clothes) and is getting his last two 2-year molars. Unfortunately we ended up at Pediatric Associates on Sunday with an ear infection. He's still been in a great mood despite the stuffy nose and cough. He's been busy skiing through the house, driving truck, playing his Christmas music, and brushing his teeth... "brush teeth, brush teeth!" LOL
Enjoying a tickle with Uncle Jonny, or as Jacob would say, "Jon, Jon, Jon!"
Resting, for a second, with his favorite Great Gram (AKA Old Grammie) and Great Gramp.
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