Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday and it's time to get motivated!  My car is clean, but the house is far from it.  Of course the second my car comes out of the garage it will be all over.  It's been raining and the roads are a mess.  Oh well, still feels good to get it clean, even for a brief moment.  After swimming this morning I've got to work on the house and get organized.  I'm feeling out of control!  Hopefully Jacob takes a nice long nap!

On a side note, I need to continue to brag about our amazing son... he's been walking up the stairs like a big boy, standing up and holding onto the wall instead of crawling, and now he is even alternating feet!  Amazing!  He goes down on his butt, after I showed him once.  And if you hold one hand he will stand up and walk down, bending his knee instead of just dropping/sliding down.  When he gets to the last step he yells, "jump!" and tires to jump off.  He really wants to learn to jump and can bounce now on the couch or bed (great!) and attempts to on the floor.  I think he's about 33 pounds and that's a lot to get off the ground (just ask my back!).  LOL!  He's truly a gift from above that makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world!

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