Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank goodness today was a better day than yesterday!  I'm not sure what was wrong yesterday but it was a very long and difficult day.  Today we are all good.  Jacob slept all night and woke up just before 8am.  We had breakfast and then I went to Pico for 2 runs while Jacob and Dada played outside and shoveled.  It was very cold but the blue sky was beautiful.  Then Jacob took a nice long nap so I could get some things done.  :-)

His latest skills involve being tall enough to turn the lights on and off along with being able to turn the water in the bathroom on and off!  Oh yea, he can also jump, only about half an inch, but he's getting off the ground.  He's worked hard trying to learn that and yesterday he practiced so much that he made himself spit up!  LOL!  And then there is all his talking... I feel like you only have to tell him something once and he tries to say it and remembers it!

Back to work tomorrow...  I've got to check the calendar for the next vacation!

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