Friday, February 11, 2011

Vacation Starts!

Our first day of vacation started with sunshine and a swim!  Unfortunately it wasn't in the warm pacific waters of Maui!!  But it was still lots of fun at the VAC pool.  It's a big class this session, about 10 or so kids.  Jacob's friends Logan, Ari, and Cabot are all there.  It is so neat to watch how they all change so quickly!  Jacob is a total Pisces and loves the water.  He stands on the side and jumps in for me to catch him.  He dumps water on the top of his head (and mine!).  And he's really starting to kick his legs and paddle his hands to move through the water.  He likes using the noodles and arm rings to float/swim around and can almost go on his own!

After swimming we stopped at school for a quick visit.  Jacob had lunch, listened to part of a story on the rug with kindergarten, saw lots of friends, and ran up and down the long halls.  Of course everyone thought he was the cutest... because he is!

Here are a few pictures from last weekend.  Jacob went on the Bonanza chair lift at Pico with Ted and I rode in the one behind.  I could just see his little head sticking up and his hand going... waving to the people skiing/riding by.  It was so cute!

Getting a ride over to the lift.
Here we go...
...and we're off!

At the very top of Bonanza for the first time!
Tired!  Time for a rest.
All better.  That was fun!

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