Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Fun!

I can't believe our vacation is more than half way over!  Why does it have to go so fast?  I guess because we are having so much fun.  I love being able to be with my baby all day... there is nothing better!

So what have we done this week... well Ted was away for 2 days; I got my hair done; Grammie babysat; I took a quick trip to Manchester and got Jacob some new PJs for spring and next fall/winter; and Jacob came with me to the dentist.  Ted made me a little nervous about bringing him with me, but I thought how else is he going to learn about it if he doesn't watch?!  Well needless to say he was a PERFECT ANGEL!!  He just sat on me the whole time watching... not moving a muscle or making a sound!  Then when we were done he played with the suction, aka "Mr. Thirsty," and squirted water into a cup.  He had a great time and we came home with lots of goodies to play "dentist."  Thanks, Christie!

I got my new iPhone yesterday!  I like it a lot even though it's been a big dose of how incompetent I am. And I really tried to follow all the directions to switch over from my Black Berry.  I did get the iPhone working but transfering my contact was beyond my ability.  Of course Ted did it instantly!

Today's going to be warm... in the 40's!  So hopefully we can get out to play and maybe even clean my car.  Tomorrow's swimming, followed by movie night at Gianna's, then Logan's birthday Saturday.  Should be lots more fun to come this week!

Wearing ski boot and standing on a stool make it more fun to play at the train table!
Where did Jacob go?! 
OH, there he is!

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