Monday, February 9, 2009

Talented Brother!

My very talented brother built us this wonderful bookcase for the baby's room. It looks great and I love it! I had looked and looked for a bookcase but couldn't find the right one... everything was either junk or way too pricey. Who knew I could get custom made furniture in just two days! Thanks, Jonny! Hmm, what do I need next...

I had a good weekend enjoying the milder temperatures. Pili and I went snowshoeing yesterday. Just up our trail Pili discovered that something had killed a bird, maybe a partridge, right on our trail! All that remained was a pile of feathers! There weren't really any tracks around which makes me wonder if maybe it was an owl or hawk that got it. I wonder if they would kill another bird? I did see a beautiful red fox yesterday morning walking out back, but there would of been tracks around if it had gotten the bird.

I went to church again yesterday. It was a "youth service" where children, or young adults, did everything. They did a fabulous job! The talent was just unbelievable. I feel very welcome at Grace Church. And I really like how "child friendly" the church is. I'm thinking of going to the new member classes next month.

Ted is in Providence, RI on business until late Wednesday. It's the New England ski and snowboard show. I'm sure he will find lots of good things to buy for next year. I'm anxious for him to have all his orders done so he can relax a little. He works way too hard! Until Wednesday, Pili and I will be very lonely without him!

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dmelen said...

For some strange reason I can't bring myself to guess what the sex of the baby is. Honestly I can't do it.
But away the book case looks great! The baby has the cutest room.