Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We went for an ultrasound this morning. We got a more experienced tech that was willing to tell us her thoughts (maybe too talkative for Ted, but I thought it was better than the ones that don't tell you much). We saw some really cute pictures of the baby, especially the face, saw some more hair, counted fingers, and saw the active legs that are often kicking me. She thought everything looked really good, including the placenta and umbilical cord. We'll get the results next week from Dr. Leight. One picture is a hand and the other 2 are up close nose and lips- so cute!

This afternoon Pili and I went snowshoeing and then for a walk! The snowshoeing was great. The rain packed the snow so we both stayed on top where there was a few inches of powder. There were tons of animal tracks so Pili had fun running back and forth sniffing them. I should sleep well tonight.


dmelen said...

so cute! I want to be pregnant again. JK The fingers look so long. I could just watch ultrasounds for hours.

bellapez said...

Just amazing to know how much detail they can see in the ultrasound - it really has changed in the past 6 years. But there is only one thing... I can see the hand so clearly, but where the hell are the lips and nose in the other pictures!!! 8 weeks to go - we are all so excited to meet baby "M" - Maybe you should go for the massage at week 38 to speed things up (did you need me to get you one!!!). Enjoy vaca... xoxo me

Jodi said...

the lips and nose are in the center, toward the top, going sideways. Nose on right, lips on left.