Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Choose Happiness!

What a great day!  Finally.  I feel like my happy baby was back today.  I had the best day, being very productive around the house, and lots of fun with Jacob.  It was the worst year at work ever, and the worst end of the year, and the worst beginning of summer.  But now it's time to get over it and follow my own philosophy... choose happiness.  It's a much better choice than letting things that are out of your control make you miserable.  It has been tough lately.  But it's looking up, because I'm making it that way.

Jacob (and I) had so much fun at Ryan and Griffin's baseball game.  They are so awesome!  I cannot wait until Jacob can play.  Maybe he and Zachy will be on the same team at some point.  Jacob did his best ever walking around at the game on all the nice flat grass.  He is getting the hang of walking while holding onto only one of my hands.  And he's realizing that he can balance better if he's flat footed.  I think real walking is in his near future.  He's going to love the lawn at Maui Sunset!

And now I choose sleep.  Good night all.

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